Cavaliers of Fun – Sharing Space Secrets EP

Solo man space traveller Ricco Vitali, Cavaliers of Fun, released his first EP with the best acronym in the world: SSS! How could we not be happy with this one? :) Sharing Space Secrets, released on Holographic People, is all about “a space odyssey discovering new worlds, new beats and new sounds at the same time as he’s traveling back in time to the 80s on Planet Earth where David Hasselhoff acts like his personal hero and mentor” as he fully describes.

This one comes with 5 beautiful and well crafted songs (plus a bonus one), full of lazer beam synths, out of this world guitars, retro-futuristic beats and unicorn ride melodies. With awesome vocals from Ricco himself, this EP will make a place in your heart. Just listen to it and lose yourself into another galaxy…

Be sure to grab it before the end of the world in 2012! As he says: “Sharing Space Secrets will be the bible for those who want to survive the final days.” You can redeem yourself buying it here.

Cavaliers of Fun – Sharing Space Secrets EP [buy this set]

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Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix)

From Discotexas headquarters we present you Kamp!, who recently joined the label collective. Moullinex remix of Cairo is a delightful end of summer track with a tropical flavour that fits perfectly the cover art. Wish it was summer all year, and this early rainy days make us a little depressed. Glad we still have artists like Luis Clara Gomes that always put a smile in our face.

You can’t go wrong with this one: Deep and funky bassline? Check. Fresh vocals? Check. Amazing and warm percussions? Check. Pineapples and palm trees? Check! We would like to highlight the 3:40 mark. Impossible not to shake your body and dance like it was no tomorrow. Got to love that drum work. Enough, just listen to it below.

Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix)

Cairo will be out September 9, 2011, on Discotexas with remixes from Social Disco Club and JBAG.

Sam Padrul – All I Do

Straight from Chicago comes the first original single by Sam Padrul. The DJ/Producer created this beautiful tune, filled with pumping beats and big fresh synths. We had to listen to it so many times to capture all the minucious details. Got to love the awesome melodic transitions. Blue Satellite also collaborated in this one (we wonder if it was the perfectly crafted bassline).

The track was released almost only a day ago but its getting a lot of attention from the blogosphere. And it really deserves! Just listen to it, download it, and unleash the funk!

Sam Padrul – All I Do [Download]

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R3SET – Runaway EP

Oh the summer…the pool, beach, hot nights, sometimes it’s hard to have some time to write about music. Tonight we have a freebie for you, something that caught our attention. We are talking about R3SET. Lionel de Fontenoy, who lives in Strasburg, France, released his Runaway EP, composed by 3 powerfull tracks.

You may already have noticed that we love the 80s (heck, who does not?). This EP is a perfect example of bass driving music. The melodies are somehow nostalgic and futuristic at the same time, and the beautiful synths mixed with the vocals kind of remind us Barretso work, but dont get fooled, because R3SET got his own style. You can listen to the EP and download it for free right below.

R3SET – Runaway EP [Free download]

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Oliver – I Need You

Time to make your day! As promissed, Oliver’s (Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein + Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver) “I Need You” is free to download after surpassing 20.000 plays. You read it right, yes, it’s FREE! In only 4 days this sublime track reached the purposed goal (i think we played it more than 100 times and still counting…) and now you can have it on your mp3 player. It’s by far one of our favourite tracks this year.

After the successful release of so many great tracks this duo keeps raising the bar everytime they do something new. This is what nu-disco should be about. Every detail, every synth was perfectly placed, and nothing less than a masterpiece born. And take a look at the amazing artwork, made by U-Tern himself! This one will spin in so many clubs arround the world for sure. Listen to it and download it below.

Oliver – I Need You [Download_1] [Download_2]

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Starsmith – Lesson One

From London, we present you Starsmith, who is about to give us a “lesson” on how to make the next killer track for this summer. “Lesson One“, to be released on Vulture Music August 22, is an absolutely magical journey that will take you away. Just press the play button and fly!

Starsmith – Lesson One

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Moullinex – Modular Jam

Luís Clara Gomes, the man beyond Moullinex, is back with this track, part of his upcoming Sunflare EP to be released by Gomma Records. According to the man himself, this one was “all done in 4 hours, the synth was recorded live in one take, as opposed to the other tracks on the EP, which took several months..“. Got to love the Roland System 100m. Fat fat sound! Pure vintage bliss. Here’s a video from that one take:

Moullinex – Modular Jam

Modular Jam” will get its own remix EP, with remixes from Danny C90s, Justin Faust, Worship and White Girl Lust.

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